Kesho Business – my new book

My new book is now available in bookshops:

Kesho Business

Kesho Business – Why Africa must become the pioneer market of the European economy
(sorry, only in German for now)

By Kesho Business I refer in general terms to African-European business relations. Kesho is the word for “tomorrow” in Swahili. In Kesho Business I see huge future business potential.


The book is aimed at all those who want their image of Africa to be more realistic. And not shy away from demystification in doing so. I know we don’t really want that. Because “Africa” also stands for our dreams of a “natural” life with vital people and caring communities in a breathtaking nature.

I’m sorry. But people in African cities also long for security, freedom and prosperity. Not so different from us. And they also want to do good business and improve their lives steadily.

Interconnected global society

And a lot is happening in Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa’s real economic output has more than doubled in the last two decades. Poverty is declining. African countries have become part of the interconnected global society.

Africans are not pushing to Europe because they are getting poorer and poorer and everything is getting worse. Only we here in Europe believe that. They are pushing towards Europe because they are becoming less and less poor and because mobility has become an essential part of our interconnected world.

Fortunately there is Africa

I think relations with Africa are a great opportunity to pull Europe out of its lethargy. In my book, I call on European companies, in particular, to invest in African markets. To …

  • … do good business and stay in global business in the long run
  • create value and benefit for African customers with their experience and knowledge
  • … to be there where digital innovations are created closer to the needs of the people
  • … to work together on the energy transition and the phase-out of fossil fuels
  • … to become global technology leaders.

Kesho Business

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