Interconnected Global Society

Mankind moves together

Worldwide division of labour and the spreading knowledge and communication society have made worldwide economic development possible, created a worldwide “middle class” and pushed back poverty worldwide. For the first time, a real “world structure” is emerging. A peaceful coexistence of 10 to 11 billion people on our planet in the future is conceivable.

But the path to a global society is not a straight one. The challenges are complex: from the competition for the dominant political system, the unsustainable consumption of natural resources to dealing with advancing digitalisation.

The interconnected global society must be understood as a self-organising social system without a clear centre of power. Decisions are made decentrally by state governments with varying degrees of power, supra-national organisations, civil society institutions and private sector companies and corporations. The future of the planet is an “emergent phenomenon” – it emerges from the interaction of the vast number of actions of people and organisations.