Interlinked Global Society

Mankind moves together

Worldwide division of labor, ever more sophisticated value chains and a spreading knowledge– and communication-society have enabled worldwide economic growth, have created a global middle class and have reduced worldwide poverty. For the first time in history a real global structure is emerging. It is this structure, which will enableĀ a peaceful living together for the future nine billion people on our planet.

But there is no straightforward way. Complex challenges are ahead. From the strife for the dominating political system, the non-sustainable exploration of natural resources to the handling of the disruptive progression of digitalization.

The global society is a self-organizing social system. There is no single center or powerhouse. Governments, supra-national institutions, civil society organizations and national and multinational companies are taking decisions on a decentralized level. It is the interplay of all their actions, which is shaping the future of our planet. Central controlling is not possible.