Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah, Nairobi

Get to know an economically booming Africa. Silicon Savannah, where a huge demand meets a newly networked society. Digital Africa as a starting point for new contacts and future cooperation. We in Europe have not recognized this side of Africa yet – our Learning Journey will change that.

Seminar: Global Innovation Expert

October 19th/20th, 2017, in Nairobi: Global Innovation Expert is an international executive education program focusing on innovation cultures and management. Two-day seminars are taking place in Vienna, San Francisco, Shanghai and – for the first time – Nairobi.

Europe’s Handling of African Migration

Paper from Hans Stoisser, published  in Europäische Briefe of the European Society Coudenhove-Kalergi on December 15th, 2016 Europe’s Handling of African Migration If we develop a clear picture of the situation, a strategy will almost become self evident From a European perspective, Africa is a continent of chronic warfare and disease, crises, catastrophes, corruption, crime, and the exodus of capital. Small …

Digital Transformation – Why learning from Africa

Last week I was in Nairobi, Kenya. And I got another glance on how the “digital revolution” is changing societies. Not only in Africa, but all over. I have been with Bitange Ndemo, former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication. He is seen as an important enabler of the “digital transformation” in Kenya. Wealth through the use …