Gaining confidence in Nairobi 

What a difference in perception. Back in Vienna from Nairobi, I read about upcoming hunger catastrophes in ‘Africa’. The pandemic, the Russian war and droughts would hit the poorest hardest.

Last week in Nairobi, however, my partners did not say a word about these crises. On the contrary, the new urban middle class is working hard to find solutions to the country’s problems. I only looked at optimistic and committed faces.

Learning Journey to Nairobi 

Preparations are underway for our next Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah. For the sixth time, we will immerse ourselves in the urban scene and digital ecosystem of Nairobi. We will meet entrepreneurs, academia, and managers, hear about their projects and engage with them. – You find a few links below.

Of course, in African countries and also in Nairobi, the social and economic problems are much bigger than here. But when it comes to change, we in Europe can learn a lot from the Kenyan metropolis.

To do so, we have to look at what is done and what is changing: the economic dynamics, the entrepreneurship of the informal sector, the new digital networks, the new production sites, the urbanisation rate, the new infrastructures.

If we only look at the absolute differences in wealth with us, we just see poverty. And not its actual decline, the many committed young people, the digital revolution, and all the new things emerging in Africa.

Becoming confident again

Yes, we in Europe are currently facing world crises. Real catastrophes also seem here possible again. But a closer look at Africa can put many things into perspective. And it would actually help us because it would give us trust in local problem solving and confidence.

Our Learning Journey in September is intended to make just such a contribution.

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