The biggest lever to deal with climate change

Climate Change - Africa's leapfrogging could provide a model for the transition into the post-fossil age.

in my previous blog post, I wrote that in 2020 I will focus on bringing together purpose-driven companies from Europe and Africa to collaborate and co-create. Together with my partners, we want to do this under the brand NextAfrica.

The dominance of the Western world has come to an end and an interlinked global society has emerged. We are experiencing the probably biggest geopolitical transformation since Europe was ushering the modern era with its overseas discoveries 500 years ago.

Today’s global challenges, such as climate change and migration, are also the result of this growing together of the world. 
I think, for Europe the biggest lever to deal with climate change is working closely with African countries. – Why?

  • Because the (digital) innovations necessary for the further advancement of mankind are more easily created in Africa, where they are not slowed down by old technologies and vested interests.
  • Because African countries are currently skipping the industrial age, but it is not sure yet they will also skip the further expansion of fossil energy generation.
  • Because this so-called leapfrogging in Africa, i.e. the skipping of technologies and stages of development induced by digitization, could become a model for the transition into the post-fossil age.
  • Because vital, forward-looking and entrepreneurial societies are a prerequisite for innovation and change and Europe can learn from them.
  • And last, but not least, because in the future most people will not live in Europe but (besides Asia) primarily in Africa (see graphic).

In this sense, NextAfrica is taking the first small steps that will contribute to an agile and broad cooperation between the continents.

In the next two Learning Journeys, European entrepreneurs and managers will explore two African cities with their own individual path of digitization, their respective specific digital innovations and their dynamic markets:

Learning Journey Silicon Savannah, Nairobi, 24th-27th February 2020
Learning Journey Digital Rwanda, Kigali, 4th-7th May 2020

I am happy to be part of this endeavour.

/from Nairobi/

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