Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah – What we can learn from Africa

This will be our second Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah. It starts tomorrow, September 24th, 2018. For four days we will explore the “other Africa”, which in Europe is not very much reported about.

We will meet …

… innovators, who co-created the digital hotspot here,
… entrepreneurs in informal settlements, where real business dynamics are created,
… managers of big corporations, which work in African markets,
… university professors who research and teach about African business and cultures,
… thinkers and writers with their ideas on Africa, Kenya, Nairobi and the connected global society,
… and other people from a variety of different organizations.

The missing Link

We will be looking for the ‘missing link’ in understanding ‘Africa’.

As Efosa Ojomo – a regular speaker at the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna – has just recently written:

I found a missing link in existing development paradigms and programs … the innovators.

That is what we will be looking for. Innovations and innovators, which and who change the course of development, of societies, and therewith history.




Jo Jo Abot is the creator of the Afri-Na-Ladi residency in Nairobi:

Jo Jo Abot
AFRI-NA-LADI “Making something out of Nothing… (But Ourselves)” AFRI-NA-LADI : A collaborative multimedia residency featuring a selection of Africa’s most innovative underground artists in FILM/PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC, FASHION & LITERATURE.  Curated by Jojo Abot (Nairobi, Kenya)

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