Emerging World

Emerging World

Mankind’s moving together is the central theme of today. An interconnected global society has emerged, together with the Third Global Power Shift in modern history.

This blog approaches this topic from two sides:

  1. From the angle of the emerging non-Western world, especially from Emerging Africa und
  2. from the angle of management, the central profession of modern societies with far-reaching impacts.

The division of labour between humans began 200,000 years ago. 50,000 years ago, trade and exchange between societies emerged. Today, we are witnessing the linking and interconnection of people, organizations and systems on a global scale. In the moving together of humankind lies a constant in human history.

Global society has enabled the rise of non-Western countries and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. And it is this society that enables 7.4 billion people to live on our planet today and nine to ten billion people in the future.

How will Europe be able to contribute to shaping global society on the basis of its humanist world view?